A Topical 2011 Season’s Greeting from Lady, That’s My Skull

It’s a holiday e-card! I usually don’t put in attribution of anything I make just for the joy of sharing but this year to heck with it because screw those guys. If anyone is going to gank this image then they will have to do a little bit of work to claim it as their own.

Hope this year finds everybody doing great.

Sealed With A…What?

My real-life true Valentine’s Day story while at work and my conversation with one of the bakers as they set up a table of holiday cakes.

“So, what is this?”
“I dunno. They told me to decorate the heart cakes like those candy hearts. With words like Be Mine, UR Gr8, Luv You and SWAT.”

“Yeah, SWAT. So what does SWAT mean?”
“Dunno. They just said SWAT.”
“Maybe that was supposed to be SWAK.”
“That doesn’t make any sense.”
“It does if you are saying Sealed With A Kiss.”
“Oh, yeah. Well, they said SWAT.”
“Sure they did. Okay, what’s done is done. You can discount these tomorrow after Valentine’s Day, right?”
Sealed With A...What?

They wonder why everything I say is prefaced with a heavy sigh.

The Post of Christmas Past

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Happy Thanksgiving in 2010

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #15 (Dec 1941)

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #15 (December 1941). Art credit Al Taliaferro.

Since a few people asked what the deal was with the cover because the gag had little context, here is the original cartoon that inspired it as reprinted from the daily newspaper comic strip for Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #12 (September 1941).

Wal Disney's Comcis & Stories #12 (Sept 1941)