Pimps trying to catch a woman that’s weak

Sylvester is a pimp

Sylvester is a pimp, that much is clear. I understand Sylvester keeping a bevy of birds to lure in some johns, he’s got to pay for all that stuff he orders from Acme somehow and honey-traps are as good a way as any. What I don’t get is why didn’t Sylvester just eat Prostitweety when he had the chance then go after Tweety once the smack in her body hit his system and amped him up into a raging killing machine? Maybe she was a robot.

Dark Shadows #34 (Nov 1975).

Mysta of the Moon – Chapter 18

Originally presented here from a November 2009 post is “Mystery of the Time Chamber” from issue #52 of the Mysta of the Moon serial featured in Planet Comics. For those of you who have read this entry already go ahead and scroll down to the last page for a note about Mysta and Bron’s relationship (it’s fan-wank, but it works in context).

Before I continue with the Futura Saga I am going to take a break to present a special request appearance of Mysta of the Moon.

Mysta of the Moon was long-running science fiction adventure serial that ran in Planet Comics from 1945 to 1949. Mysta is perhaps the most consistent serial in regards to art and story quality to have been published by Fiction House. Mysta originally appeared as a young girl in issue #35 of Planet Comics as a victim of the machinations of Mars, the God of War, the star of an early and very popular Planet Comics serial. In those stories, the evil Mars would travel the galaxy and possess different people, forcing them to commit horrific acts and spread terror and strife all in the name of conflict.

Having survived an attempt to destroy her at the end of issue #35 an adult Mysta began her own feature with issue #36, effectively replacing the Mars series with her own. Like many superheroes Mysta, who was now the repository of all knowledge, sometimes maintained a secret identity so the public at large would not know she was acting as their savior and defender. In her guise as an older and unappealing librarian, Mysta fought criminals, mutant zombies and solved mysteries with the aid of a deadly, unstoppable robot with which she shared a telepathic link. Mysta eventually abandoned the pretense of a civilian disguise.

Out of all the female characters featured in Planet Comics it is Mysta of the Moon that was the strongest in terms of characterization. Unlike many other contemporary characters Mysta largely stood on her own in her adventures. Typically in almost any comic book tale, while a female would often act as the lead in a story it was not unusual to have a man show up near the end of the tale and take charge, wrapping things up as the female character shed angst-filled thought balloons expressing gratitude and unrequited love. Among the Planet Comics entries this was most common among the Gale Allen serial. Mysta, being the most intelligent person in the Universe, would have none of that. Anyone interested in researching a good example of early female empowerment in comic books could do worse than reading the Mysta of the Moon series.

Planet Comics #52 (January 1948) features Mysta using time travel to defeat the menace of brain-sucking plants. The story also gives a nice recap of her origin with only an oblique reference to the original Mars story.


I realize that it is a print artifact of the era but it sure appears in the final panel as if Mysta’s lipstick has been smeared by some grateful kissing from Bron.

I’m gonna be your Santa Claus even if my whiskers ain’t white

Christmas Eve Blues
performed by Blind Lemon Jefferson (1928)

Oh Mama! This is goin’ to be a hard winter.
Look at how it snowin’. Baby won’t you hear me moan.

Now it’s the day before Christmas
Mama won’t you hear me moan

Now it’s the day before Christmas
Mama won’t you hear me moan

If you take me back, baby
I’ll get you anything you need

I had a good chance,
Baby give me just one more

I had a good chance
Baby give me just one more

I will change the way I’m loving, like you never have been before

I know I did do wrong, I’m just as sorry as I can be
Sorry as I can be

It’s the day before Christmas,
Mama please come back to me

Mama don’t turn me down on this Christmas Eve
Mama don’t turn me down on this Christmas Eve
I cried about you so hard done wetted my whole coat sleeve

It’s the day before Christmas, Let me bring your present tonight
It’s the day before Christmas, Let me bring me your present tonight

I’m going to be your Santa Claus even if my whiskers ain’t white

Christmas Eve Blues, fool