Ow my back

I haven’t posted anything since the 16th of March for a reason.

A little over two weeks ago I bent over to pick something up from the floor and when I straightened up my L5 went TWINGE TWINGE TWINGE. I knew right then that I had screwed up. The pain grew more intense as the day went on. Working made it worse since my job entails a lot of crouching, twisting and bending. I made it another three days hobbling about before I accepted that I needed more time to heal that particular wound.

Doing anything not related to laying down on a heating pad was pushed aside. I went to the doctor and they prescribed some pretty fabulous muscle relaxers and pain killers. I used up all my sick days doing little but laying in bed and sleeping. Yesterday was the first day I could walk without wanting to burst into manly tears. Still hurts a bit but I’m able to sit and get around without too much trouble.

Word of advice: Don’t ever get old. It sucks.
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