A delicious part of this complete lifestyle change

I don’t mind the dietary changes that come with being diagnosed with diabetes. What is frying my eggs is the misleading, dissembling, fact-twisting and downright lies of most labeling, advertising and packaging of food stuffs that purport to be healthier and “low sugar” or “low sodium” when they contain the same or greater amounts of ingredients I am trying to avoid.

All the marketing that appeals to hippies, hipsters and the health-conscious is really a shameless scam that borders on criminal negligence. Reading between the lies, their products are not necessarily healthier but is a part of a managed diet of people weighing portions and counting ingredients. 700 mg of sodium in a serving of a “healthier, all-natural, low-sodium” bread compared to 500 mg of it per slice in a far less expensive, cheaply made, junk-food processed loaf doesn’t seem too beneficial to me.

It really is caveat emptor when it comes to food.