Have a safe July 4th

LinkFrom Girl’s Love Stories #1 (Aug-Sept 1949).

And once again my wife, son and I are working the evening of July 4th, so if you want to go “OOOH” and “AAAH” at the pretty lights then pull the [expletive deleted] over and off the road.


Let there be fireworks

A special message for those driving tonight: If you want to watch the fireworks then don’t be a jerk. Take the time to pull over off the road to enjoy the spectacle.

Drive Safe PSA

Why the PSA? Historically, there are multiple accidents along I-5 near the Mission Bay area during a fireworks show. I’m going to be passing through the area about that time taking my wife to work and I don’t want our lives ruined by the gawker behind the wheel who is distracted by the pretty shiny up in the sky.