Killing Field

Here is the Chihuahua standing over the carnage of his favorite toys. He has about 10 of these cat toys scattered around the house. The toy bird chirps when moved so it keeps him occupied from time to time with something to play with.

Since the pooch isn’t a chewer we don’t worry about him ripping the toys open and swallowing the motion activated chirping device from the inside. He really prefers this toy over all the others.

On occasion he goes on a little Chihuahua rampage and stalks, attacks, “kills” and brings his victims home to the living room. To his little doggy brain these birds are representative of actual captured prey and in his view a really impressive ten minutes work. After his “kills” are gathered up and placed into a grouping he stands protectively over them and howls, proclaiming his victory and alpha-status as a provider for the pack.

It’s a lot less amusing and cute at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Sleestak, thy name is vanity

Thinking about buying a vanity plate for the car even though I’m not a tool bag. ‘Slestak’ is obvious and I like it, though ‘LOSTROR’ and ‘LSTROAR’ has an appeal. The 2nd and 3rd being the last word and action from the Land of the Lost theme where Wesley Eure sings “…Living in the Land of the Lost Lost Lost” and Grumpy the T-Rex attacks the camera and roars. I like the 3rd example better than the 2nd because ‘LOSTROR’ can read as LOS TERROR and I don’t want that.

The third style of plate would be difficult for anyone to figure out but part of the fun of an obscure license plate is explaining to confused people what it means. Good thing I’m already married for life because that much geek displayed in public would ensure I’d never have a relationship with a woman that didn’t first require funds being handed over to her.

‘HLYRULZ’ is the Hayley Mills gag plate I put in photos to conceal real license plates and while I think it would be great to have I don’t think my wife would appreciate it. She doesn’t get the whole Hayley Mills obsession. Some people are just born broken that way.

Introducing: Hayley Mills

While every day is Hayley Mills Day at the HMCC, a new continuing feature of Lady, That’s My Skull is Monday with Hayley, featuring Hayley Mills the star of stage, screens both big and small and the dreams of millions.
And what better way to start this feature by showcasing the screen debut of America’s eternal sweetheart from the 1947 film So Well Remembered, the British class warfare story of a progressive newspaper man fighting the uncaring industrial and social system that exploited and ravaged his hometown. Actor John Mills, known for making his movies a family affair, brought along daughters Hayley and Juliet for parts in the film. Hayley Mills receives an uncredited appearance as an orphaned infant, adopted by Trevor Howard who plays the drunken town doctor who may have botched the delivery and caused the death of her mother.
If anyone watching the film is unsure which of the many infants in this classic movie is Hayley all doubt is removed in this scene shared by Trevor Howard and father John Mills. Her striking eyes are unmistakable and in her face you can clearly see the features that would soon light up the screen.

Torn from today’s headlines!

Personal Love - Teenager's Rage (Mar-Apr 1959)
I wonder how carefully they vetted that newsprint? I could just see Sally obliviously wearing a jacket displaying the headlines “BRAVE ALABAMANS HALT DE-SEGREGATION”, “COMMIES INFILTRATE DAIRY INDUSTRY” or “RELEASED ATOM CLOUD HARMLESS, SAYS OFFICIALS. MAY ACTUALLY CURE ILLNESS”or some other propagandistic horror common to the media. Imagine what a jacket like that would look like today.

From Personal Love #4 (Mar-Apr 1959).

May Poison Food

Enough customers commented that these decorative “coffee lovers” planters in the form of over-sized cups would be great for soup or drinks that I finally just turned them all over on the display case so the warning on the underside could be seen. I also cautioned that raising herbs for cooking in the planter may result in poisonous herbs.

May Poison Food
This is a warning label that makes sense, unlike those ones that state batteries or soap are not for consumption.

Goodbye, Elisabeth Sladen

The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world or a relationship, everything has its time. And everything ends. – Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith (April 2006).

The big news in entertainment and SF fandom today is the passing of actress Elisabeth Sladen from cancer. Miss Sladen is probably best known the world over as the long-running companion of the nigh-immortal Time Lord in the Doctor Who television series. As Sarah Jane Smith, Elisabeth Sladen portrayed her character in terms that reflected the emerging Women’s Liberation Movement and when the story and producers allowed did more than scream and wait for rescue as was more typical of entertainment of the era.

There are a few reasons that Sarah Jane Smith returned to the series again and again. Her original appearances took place during an era of immense popularity for the show and Elisabeth Sladen as an actress had much to offer. Her story as a companion was perhaps the saddest of the many that crossed paths with The Doctor. Abandoned in the wrong town when the Time Lord was called away on a mission Sarah Jane spent years pining for her previous exciting life, waiting for someone who would possibly never return. Her story continued in the 2006 episode of the revived Doctor Who series where it was revealed that her life had been on hold for over thirty years. She eventually found happiness as her story continued in her own spin-off series.
Since the 5th season of the Sarah Jane Adventures was in the process of being filmed when Sladen passed away the future of the series is in doubt. Undoubtedly the prospect of regeneration is on the table for her character. Anyone associated with the franchises that did not even consider having Sarah Jane regenerate in a similar fashion to The Doctor, allowing a new actress to step into the role should be fired and never be allowed to work in entertainment again. However, my preference would be to let Sarah Jane Smith pass with Elisabeth Sladen. As much as I enjoy any entry to the Who universe being left behind to time is the fate of the companion. The Doctor to his sadness and regret is eternal when his friends are not.
Sarah Jane will probably return eventually, even if it takes another three decades (though the advances in CGI will probably allow her to return, in realistic fashion, much earlier). I doubt that thirty years hence anyone will be excited should Rose return for a Very Special Episode but I would come out from behind the couch to see a Sarah Jane Smith adventure again.

Happy Birthday To A Girl Like You

As several people have reminded me today is the birthday of my favorite actress and unrequited chaste crush Hayley Mills. Trust me folks, I don’t need reminding. My calendar is marked and the admin assistants at the Hayley Mills Celebratory Complex here in sunny San Diego has been taping photocopies announcing the event to the time clock and coffee machine for the last couple of weeks. So I dragged myself out of bed to post something and hey, the pain of sitting in a chair is worth it for Hayley. I have no regrets.

UPDATE! 2011 has been exciting year so far at the HMCC as we finally received some non-region DVD’s of Wild At Heart and a copy of Sky West and Crooked. The Hayley-centric episodes of Wild At Heart have been playing nearly non-stop in the Hayleydome movie theater to standing-room-only crowds.

As a treat a special midnight screening of 1970s Take A Girl Like You was held and fans dressed up as their favorite characters from the movie and acted out scenes a la Rocky Horror. It was great fun though everyone booed Oliver Reed every time he appeared on screen.
take a girl like you
I totally get that. Oliver Reed pawing Hayley? Even though it was just movie magic FX we just had to keep telling ourselves “It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…” until it was all over. Fortunately nurses were in attendance to provide aid to those who went into shock when Oliver tried to kiss Hayley WHICH NEVER HAPPENED.
Oliver aside here is the opening title sequence from Take A Girl Like You with Hayley Mills being adorable times infinity.
Be honest, is Hayley great or the greatest ever? That’s right, she’s both!
The big birthday bash was held in the main dining hall and as usual, a plate was left empty at the head of the table for Hayley in respect just in case she showed up. Not that we expected her to visit this year, we all know how busy she is being adorable (that is a full-time job). It is enough that the HMCC exists and has such enthusiastic international support from all the fans.

I want to break free

Nifty anti-oppression song from 1984 performed by Queen that did well in Europe but not so much in America. The video featuring the male band members in drag, a frequent comedic trope in the UK, was marginalized or banned from play in the United States. That some members of the band were homosexual was known though not generally acknowledged at the time by the media and many fans. I’ve seen references likely repeated from the same original unverified source that this video heralded the death of Queen as a music force in America. While the sight of Freddie Mercury in a dress probably made some stupid and prejudiced Americans uncomfortable, even though being gay and donning ladies fashions has little or nothing to do with the other, it was more likely that the style of music Queen produced was becoming unpopular rather than public reaction to band members in costume.

While controversial in 1984 it seems American evolution has progressed to the point where many would find the video whimsical and ironic or just another entry in typical bad 1980s MTV.

A lazy, shwooshy peplum Sunday post.