Happy Halloween

Drive safe! Lots of children and teens out there on the streets. Tonight of all nights don’t be in such a hurry to get to the house/liquor store/bacchanal. For pity’s sake, put down the bong long enough to get to your destination in one piece and without leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. I live and work in a college area so I know of what I speak.

Calling All Girls (October 1960).

No Halloween is complete without Hayley Mills!

Hayley Mills is Watching You

It’s hard to imagine someone so adorable as Hayley Mills being effective in suspense films but word has it that Hello Kitty is a harbinger of all evil, so what do I know? It’s a credit to her WILD TALENT that Hayley is versatile enough to totally own any role.

So click the wide, witnessing eyes in the adorable picture above to check out The Horrors of Haley Mills at Horror-Wood!