True Horror, Part 1

There is the impossible, fantastic, supernatural horror that thrills and excites and then there is the cruel, callous evil of bastards who know better whose actions and lies have real world implications of death, pain, misery and despair.

DDT and pretty model (1948)

DDT sprayed from a TIFA (Todd Insecticidal Fog Applicator) around model Kay Heffernon to supposedly demonstrate it won’t contaminate her food (a hot dog and coke), Jones Beach, New York. (Photo by George Silk, 1948)

From Google TIME-LIFE archive.

October: A Month of Horror

Like most blogs October will be focusing on all the spooky things.

While the next Mysta Monday will feature a tale worthy of a Clive Barker tale readers can expect many lazy video posts, some more disturbing than others.

If you really want to be entertained though, go over and see Bully the Little Stuffed Vampire Slayer. He’s keeping an eye out for the evil shenanigans of the Riverdale Hellmouth!