A repost, but hey, it’s Halloween and Jack Kirby


True Horror, Part 3

My 1994 Geo Metro just passed 200,000 miles. It is now officially a zombie-car. If it dies anytime in the next 6 months I am hosed. Without transportation three people will lose their jobs and one of those three will also have to drop out of college.

How’s that for scary?

True Horror, Part 1

There is the impossible, fantastic, supernatural horror that thrills and excites and then there is the cruel, callous evil of bastards who know better whose actions and lies have real world implications of death, pain, misery and despair.

DDT and pretty model (1948)

DDT sprayed from a TIFA (Todd Insecticidal Fog Applicator) around model Kay Heffernon to supposedly demonstrate it won’t contaminate her food (a hot dog and coke), Jones Beach, New York. (Photo by George Silk, 1948)

From Google TIME-LIFE archive.