They like it but don’t want to be like it

I couldn’t figure out why the Michigan legislature was so keen on silencing Rep. Lisa Brown the other day but as usual a Venn Diagram explains it all.

Many of the members of the Michigan GOP may like vagina in concept but are terrified they may someday be put in the position to be treated like the traditionally second class semi-citizens that have one of their own.


The Last Man

Human rights tale in the ironic-ending style common to comic books of the era. Hopefully the end of the story made some sort of impression on young readers. From Spellbound #20 (March 1954).

Click to embiggen like a noble soul.

Civil Rights Wars: A New Hope

A long time ago

It is MLK Day and an important day it is. Hopefully, everyone took a moment today to reflect what the great man stood for and did something, anything no matter how large or seemingly insignificant to make his dream enter the waking world.

A few notable links:

Progress of the Martin Luther King Memorial from the CBS Early Show.

The official website for the MLK memorial. I donated and got a couple pins. I’d really like a small replication of the “Stone of Hope” statue itself for my dad but they will probably not be made available and I have no idea if they ever will be. I’d really hate to see cheap plaster paperweights of the statue sitting on card tables next to similarly made Statue of Liberty knock offs being hawked by street vendors.

The Speech