I SAID I was sorry

Here’s one that has been in the back of my mind for years: In Legion of Super Heroes v4 #15 from December 1990, Kono is depicted wearing a jacket with the design  “I said I was sorry” design on the back. There is an added emphasis in the statement which seems to reveal some frustration that someone isn’t accepting an offered apology.

I thought it might be Kono’s smart-ass apology to one of the Legionnaires, Kent Shakespeare, that she photographed in the nude without his knowledge, but that happened in the books much later in issue #20.

Was it nothing but a fashion statement, the scene shown out of sequence with issue #20 or a message from the creative team to fans or some person?

Can you name all the Time Machines?

In the amalgamated Star Trek and DC Universe the despotic immortal caveman Vandal Savage has captured many devices used to travel through time. Can you name all the various time machines and where they appeared?

The fanboy in me is a little disappointed that I don’t see the Ivy Town University Time Pool used by the Atom in there, unless it is that glowing blob under the balcony. There are three I’m not sure of.

From IDW/DC Comics Star Trek and Legion of Super-Heroes #5 (2012).