Monday with Hayley Mills: Statuesque

Actress Hayley Mills posing with some Disney statues circa 1960s.


No More Ducks

Either the fair use concept didn’t exist then or it wasn’t worth the fight against the Disney legal team even for the low-resolution photocopied image reproduction of the time. The Barks Collector was a good and well-researched fanzine.

From The Barks Collector #10 (1978).

Happy Thanksgiving in 2010

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #15 (Dec 1941)

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #15 (December 1941). Art credit Al Taliaferro.

Since a few people asked what the deal was with the cover because the gag had little context, here is the original cartoon that inspired it as reprinted from the daily newspaper comic strip for Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #12 (September 1941).

Wal Disney's Comcis & Stories #12 (Sept 1941)