CA, 1 – MD, 0

Out Of This World #008

Good flight to California out of Maryland. No delays in the flight or people with aversion to soap in seats next to me. One scary guy everyone watched, though. Big guy who kept his safety-pin print hoodie on and didn’t want to sit down. Turned out his back hurt. Everything ok, still, made you pay more attention to him instead of your book. The North Carolina airport has rocking chairs all over the place for travelers. Pretty comfy. Awesome lightning storm somewhere over Nevada a few miles off the wing. Luggage lost but found and delivered by the next morning. Bonus: Luggage monkeys did not steal my electronics this time.

Update 3-2-07: Applied for an HR job this morning and already got a call back! California is better!


Learn from Ibis!

JLA #137 - Ibis lectures about expository dialoge
Use your Ibis-stick to enlarge!

Martin Pasko, playing the part of Ibis the Invincible, schools the super heroes and other comic book writers about the common practice of inserting unnecessary expositional dialog into a scene. This was way back in 1976 and authors are still doing it about twice an issue.

From Justice League of America #137
(December 1976).


Sleeping Sickness Apparel © ™ : Worse ideas have made people rich

I’m gonna be rich!

Once I get to San Diego I’m going to start setting up shop and start producing clothing with the Fatty’s got the sleeping sickness comic book image I posted the other day. I was going to call the clothing Fatty’s © ™ but that doesn’t work for marketing unless unless you spell it with a PH replacing the letter F. So I decided to call the clothing line Sleeping Sickness Apparel © ™. The prototypes have gone over well in testing with various demographics and interest is high.

The market for the Sleeping Sickness © ™ line is ripe and is a novelty niche that cries to be filled. There are empty shelves in Walmart, K-Mart and car wash spinner racks all over the country that I could make use of and make lots of money from. I will soon have shirts, hats, lingerie shoes, pajamas, those mats you put on the fender of the car so you don’t scratch it with tools while working and mugs all ready to go for shipping. For now though, the baby clothes line will only have a limited production run in the beginning. Seems that some parents don’t care for the negative connotations of ‘Fatty’ and the ‘Now, for the needle!’ panel. I’ll stick those in the Gag Gift section of the website and see how they move. There are plenty of young couples who spend money on things instead of baby food or pediatric visits and I want a piece of that dollar, too.

I’m really enthusiastic about this opportunity mostly because of the positive feedback I received during product testing. Check out these no-lie product testimonials from real people who are not paid actors:

Fatty T-Shirt - 2

“I was sure I would die alone in my own urine in the nursing home until I started rocking this awesome Sleeping Sickness © ™ baby-doll t-shirt. Now even strangers drop by and visit me. Someone even brought me a cat just for posing in the shirt while not wearing pants.” – Mrs. C. Wilson of Miami, Fl.

Fatty T-Shirt - 3

“I thought that I would be trapped in a loveless marriage with my half-brother/cousin until I saw my Dad’s mail-order bride wearing a high-quality cashmere Sleeping Sickness © ™ sweater. I liked it so much that I went and got the Sleeping Sickness © ™ art tattooed on my forehead. Now, no man will touch me. Thanks, Sleestak!” – Jenny-Lyn Joe Bob Feldner of Wawtchaw, Tn.

Fatty T-Shirt - 4

“Like, I was totally lost in the parking lot. I couldn’t find my car. Wowwww, I was seriously upset. All these guys, y’know, really helped me. It was totally cool. Oh, yeah. I totally, y’know, found my car.” – Cathie M. of Beverly Hills, Ca.

It isn’t all about making a buck. These heart-warming stories have made me realize that I am just a tool in another’s hand. Look for them soon!


Comic Book Ad: If you’re married, you have an additional problem

Amusing February 1974 comic book advertisement advertisement for ICS from Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #5. The ad copy is hilarious, as it offers a dead on profile of the attitudes of 70s hipsters who resented that hard work and families get in the way of their disco dancing and hemp smoking.

Bonus: 70s imagery of a porn star dude and ubiquitous male potency symbol.
Chilling Adventures In Sorcery #5 - 70s disco era ad


More wall-breakin’ action with the Metal Men!

The Doc lives in his own little world, doesn’t he? I think his robots are just humoring him, which is bad because he flipped out in the 1970s and isn’t too healthy in the current era.

Metal Men #2
From Metal Men #2 (June-July 1963)

I’ve been waiting for him to address an unseen audience during his appearances in DC’s 52 series. It would have been a funny hat tip to the Silver Age to have T.O. Morrow ask the Doc “What do you mean exactly, by ‘keep those cards and letters coming’?”


Sleestak: SG1

While perusing the net looking for a clue as to when Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis would be on television again I stumbled across the official Stargate website. The site is full of nifty episode guides, photos and much to my surprise, full episodes of screenplays that you can download and read!

So I snagged a few and had a thought:

I could actually insert myself into the real story using a simple find and replace editing function! That way I could be a part of the SG1 team without resorting to bad fan fiction and crying myself to sleep! So I did it and had some nerd fun as follows:

STARGATE SG-1 – “Morpheus” – Episode #1002

DANIEL: No. You’re not cleared for off-world travel yet. You still have to go through a psych evaluation.

SLEESTAK: What’s that?

DANIEL: Uh, it’s sort of an interview given to all prospective SGC personnel, designed to assess a person’s psychological state, get a sense of their mental well-being.

SLEESTAK: Oh, to find out if I’m…Wonko.

DANIEL: Right. They’re going to sit you down, get you talking about yourself, and ask you a few questions.

SLEESTAK: So it’s a test?

DANIEL: Sort of.

SLEESTAK: And all I have to do is pass. How hard can that be?

SLEESTAK (CONT’D O/S): I have to do some research, so I’m going to use…

SLEESTAK (CONT’D): your computer while you’re away on this mission.


It wasn’t until I was done doing that a few times and enjoyed reading some rollickin’ space adventures starring myself that I realized that I had accidentally put myself in the role of Vala Mal Doran, the sexy intergalactic thief and leather-wearing maker of mischief.

But that doesn’t mean anything. Just a typo on four scripts somehow. I’ll change it later so I am Mitchell. Not Daniel, though. Too whiny.