Comic Book Ad: Tobacco gets you the chicks

How I long for the good old days of inappropriate comic book advertising like drug culture paraphernalia, rifles, inflatable “love pillows” and cigarettes.

Spy Cases #9

From Spy Cases #9 (February 1952).

Did you know you can find these cases today and they are still only a $1.98!


Grocery Store Artifact: Squeeze ‘n’ Sniff

This little squeeze-gadget below was mounted on a display plug for cleaning products. The chamber in the pump is filled with some smell-alike granules of whatever cleaner is being promoted. When a customer pumps the belows they get a whiff of lemony-freshness or springy-fresh breeze, allegedly what your dishes or clothes will smell like after a good washing.

Seems like too much work to me. I have to earn the right to purchase your product through some sort of physical trial? You just lost a customer, baby. How many variations on the April Shower scent are there, anyways? As long as it doesn’t smell like Golden Shower then I’ll probably buy it. Especially if the logo is dark blue, I’m easy that way. So take note, Marketing Guys.

When I found the gadget on the floor after a display removal I carried it around for days. I thought about refilling it with bits of pastrami and remounting it in the soap section just to see what people thought of the new personal hygiene fragrance, but I found out it was more fun to keep on throwing fake punches with one hand while surreptitiously squeezing the bellows with the other. The whuffing noise made me feel like I was in a martial arts movie. Plus, it made me clean and sweet smelling.


Honey Ball’s Babysitting Job

Honey Ball, the younger sister of Bunny Ball, takes on a babysitting job and gets viciously assaulted by little Edgar over the course of the story. Intrigued by the expression “for my sake” that Honey uttered, Edgar demands that Honey give up her “sake” to him (by which he means her virginity or virtue, I imagine). The brat kicks, bites, bludgeons with objects and forcibly subdues Honey before sated, collapsing from exhaustion.

Honey Ball's Babysitting job

This tale isn’t so much a comic book as rape-fantasy porn. You can walk through the scene of the crime by clicking the picture.

Much of the imagery is disturbing for a children’s comic book and I believe is without question rendered by the artist in a manner designed to be questionable, particularly the oral-sex centric panel from the last page of the story above.

From Bunny #16 (September 1970)

Yeah, that’s pretty dirty

Once you remove the funny-book pictures this limerick from Bunny #2 is downright filthy!

There once was a gal Bunny Ball
The grooviest gal of ’em all
She went to a party…
The Beagles felt hearty,
and joyfully bounced Bunny Ball!

Hey, kids! Casual group sex with animals!

Bunny #1 (Surfboard)


Vintage Ad: Timely Tips by Little Lulu

I know that for some reason many people are fans of Little Lulu so for their enjoyment I scanned this one page ad for Kleenex tissues featuring the character. I am not a Lulu fan but I can appreciate the page for the period art and style of advertising.
From Quick News Weekly (August 6, 1951).