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For the first time since I posted about the subject several years ago the search term “Supergirl Tentacle Porn” has dropped way down on the list of what brings people to the site. The new number one phrase that directs visitors to Lady, That’s My Skull is “Hayley Mills”*!

Specifically, they are landing on the Introducing: Hayley Mills entry featuring young Hayley as an infant in an uncredited screen debut!

Goodbye pervos, hello legitimacy!

Oh, and Snerls are cool.

* And thankfully not “Hayley Mills N**de”, either.

Insider humor

Stats reveal that this funny-because-it-is-true picture of a boss yelling at a hapless subordinate is the favorite and most emailed image macro for those within the non-dairy coffee additive industry. I created it one day a while ago when bored during a meeting. I did not realize at the time what I had started.

Long story short, ever since it was initially released as part of a Powerpoint slideshow about the importance of value-added road-side convenience store impulse items it has taken the internet by storm. Or at least, that part of the internet traveled by suppliers of retail products. Too bad for me I didn’t  strike while the I Can Haz iron was hot. 

I’m told that this image has even surpassed lolcats, Facebook sluts and the 4G in popularity among cubicle workers (with a subset of restaurant waitstaff growing exponentially every day). They tell me it never fails to garner a knowing chuckle and nod. The picture also served to finally kill off the impromptu office skits parodying that old International Coffees commercial. That is a bit of bittersweet news really because at least before I unleashed this picture people interacted with one another. Now they just sit by themselves in a tiny fuzzy-walled cave and forward funny email attachments to their entire global address list. So, sorry about that part.