You think it’s going wrong again but you’re wrong and I know it

Progressive early-80s band After The Fire is one of those musical groups where if you go by what is played on radio or linked to on the internet one would think they have only produced one song. Examples of this would be from performer Annie Lennox and the song Walking on Broken Glass, the Xian band Mercy Me with Goodbye To Self, The Corrs with Summer Sunshine and Duffy with Mercy. This is a bit different than the One Hit Wonder syndrome (though it certainly overlaps) that many bands are categorized with in that regardless of the extent of the catalog the performer holds from the play each song receives in stores, restaurants and the radio someone new to the names would tend to believe the tunes were just extended play ring tones and just as disposable albeit extremely lucrative.

ATF is most popular via their international video hit Der Kommissar but they had other tunes that were enjoyable enough and got some international play way back when. They have a loyal following on a few streaming video sites. Yet one pop tune I appreciate in particular seems to be missing and whenever I break out the cassette tapes the ATF compilation album released in the United States is one I always give a listen to. When friends and innocent strangers hear other tunes from ATF they are always polite if not pleasantly surprised, like when I keep insisting how awesome are the Scottish band Texas and lead Sharleen Spiteri.
Music videos from the early days of ATF (with the exception of the over-played Der Kommissar) are rare so I put together the audio for Love Will Always Make You Cry with some other video for this song. It doesn’t really sync up but it isn’t too far off most other videos of the era using concert footage for their MTV entries. I really like that one line from the chorus used for the title of this post and I keep it in the brain file for use whenever I can work it into conversation.

I know there are some ATF fans out there so here you are. Enjoy!

Lazy, rainy Sunday post.