Ow my back

I haven’t posted anything since the 16th of March for a reason.

A little over two weeks ago I bent over to pick something up from the floor and when I straightened up my L5 went TWINGE TWINGE TWINGE. I knew right then that I had screwed up. The pain grew more intense as the day went on. Working made it worse since my job entails a lot of crouching, twisting and bending. I made it another three days hobbling about before I accepted that I needed more time to heal that particular wound.

Doing anything not related to laying down on a heating pad was pushed aside. I went to the doctor and they prescribed some pretty fabulous muscle relaxers and pain killers. I used up all my sick days doing little but laying in bed and sleeping. Yesterday was the first day I could walk without wanting to burst into manly tears. Still hurts a bit but I’m able to sit and get around without too much trouble.

Word of advice: Don’t ever get old. It sucks.
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Carpe Suck

Woke up sick. Sore throat, coughing, headache, the works.

Went to pick up The Wife shortly after in a strong rain, something most San Diego residents are not prepared for. While driving, the driver side windshield wiper flies off, forcing me to stop on the side of the highway, stand in the rain to fix it.

Get home and turn on the water to take a shower before work. A pipe in the wall bursts, flooding three rooms before I can turn it off. I call out from work because of it and they were not happy. Keep in mind I’m also feeling unwell and can’t use the restroom as it is intended because the water is turned off until I can cap the pipe and reverse the polarity of the electron flow.

The jerk mailman leaves my mail on the porch, in the rain and I had no idea he arrived. He didn’t put the mail in the slot as usual. Not only that, he left a package I was expecting sitting in the rain and didn’t pick up the outgoing mail. The contents of my package survived unscathed only because the shipper took such great care in wrapping the item. The mailman better not expect a tip this year.

While I’m cleaning up the flood the power goes out because of the storm. I can’t wet-vac up any of the water and am now forced to rip up tile and carpeting. Power was out for 8 hours.

Yeah, wish I could fly around the earth real fast and start this day over.