Even if it was free, I would feel ripped off

Yeah. I have no idea what I was thinking when I paid money for this cassette tape way back in 1983. I don’t even remember what continent I was on the month this was released since I traveled a lot during that period and I was usually drunk most of the time (the benefit and hazard of being young, amoral and with a disposable income coupled with unlimited opportunities for world-wide travel for $10 a ride). I think I was in Italy and there is a vague recollection that the purchase involved a party and trying to get into some girl’s favor. Guys do a lot of stupid things when it comes to women. That I still have this in my music collection is bizarre.

I clearly recall a customs agent shaking his head when he saw this cassette in my carry-on bag, but I don’t know if I was entering or leaving the US at the time. I’d like to think I was arriving in the States and the disapproval reflected American good taste, but Prince and his various projects were crazy popular back then.

Here’s a link to the title track to listen to, if you dare.