Found Photo: Emily and Sami

If you lost a photo at the Clairemont Town Square in San Diego this week I found it over by the place that sells the juice slushies. The back reads:

Emily 5 1/2 m
Sami 4 1/2
Christmas 07′

Don’t fret that you were careless and forever lost a memento of a very special memory! Just print this photo out and it is like you never lost it. No need for thanks, I’m a gentleman in that way.

Return of the Whispering Gorilla

In the original pulp story The Whispering Gorilla a crime-victim had his brain transplanted into the body of a gorilla. After fighting crime while becoming something of a celebrity the hero suffered a brutal beating at the hands of the local police, causing brain damage which reverted his human brain to that of a wild animal. When last seen, the Whispering Gorilla was being returned to Africa and set free to live among other apes in the hope that he would at last find peace. What no one anticipated is that the injuries suffered by “W. G.” were temporary and he soon regained his human intelligence.

In the February 1943 issue of Fantastic Adventures the tale Return of the Whispering Gorilla was published. In this issue “W.G.” is found alive and well (as well as a human brain can be after being placed into the body of a giant primate) in Africa. “W.G.” is still fighting crime though this time it isn’t petty mobsters he is attacking. This time he is fighting the incursions of the organized criminal cabal of the Nazi invasion into Africa.

In the 1940 issue of Fantastic Adventures the story was credited to Don Wilcox. In the sequel three years later it is David V. Reed penning the story with “permission by Don Wilcox”. While many pulp stories are hit-and-miss when it comes to quality the move from the Whispering Gorilla as a Shadow-like mystery man to an heroic defender of the realm is welcome. Any sequel that features a gorilla pummeling Nazis is automatically superior to the original entry.

BONUS! “Introducing the Author” page profiling David Reed and featuring Fantastic Adventures editor Julius Schwartz many years before his tenure at DC Comics.

Metal men vs. The Walking Dead

All I can say is, this idea came from one of the most terrifying, exciting and awesome dreams I’ve had in years. I don’t know what anyone else dreams about, but one sequence that stuck with me after waking was of Platinum drawing herself out into a fine wire and looping herself around a horde of zombies, then tightening up and cleanly slicing them all into neatly stacked patties of zombie meat.