Hal Jordan’s Threesome

One of the many “3-Fer” hits to Hal Jordan’s head that appear in the Green Lantern series. There are almost too many to count.

Guy Gardner went insane and violent after getting just one telepathic smack in the head by Sinestro. Going by that, a big yellow space bug was hardly necessary to make Hal become Parallax as he has received more than enough brain damage over the years that it’s amazing he hasn’t turned into the Anti-Monitor.

– Part of the Hal Jordan Head Injury Project, from Green Lantern #65 (v2, December 1968).

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The Hal Jordan Head Injury Project

In celebration of the anniversary of one year of blogging on Lady, That’s My Skull, I have just started the Hal Jordan Head Injury Project. I have accepted the calling of documenting and posting all the head traumas Hal has received in his career as an intergalactic status quo enforcer (I’m not including the full-body hits that cause the Emerald Crusader to take a nap, just the hits to the brain both physical and mental). This is a heck of a project because Hal was portrayed by creative teams as kind of a bull-in-the-china shop frat boy for about 40 years. I don’t know if anyone else has taken on a task of this magnitude or done something similar but I won’t quit even if they did. I’ll keep it up as long as my scanner holds out*. As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough images of Hal Jordan taking one in the brain pan floating around.

As of this posting I’m only up to issue #38 of the 1960’s series of Green Lantern and there are more THWACKS! than you can shake a stick at. That’s a lot of dead brain cells. For Hal, I mean.

A big old hat tip to the Absorbascon’s own Scipio, who sparked the idea and started it all.

* If anyone wants to contribute to this historic archive then please feel free to email it to me or provide a link. Thanks to those real friends, internet friends and others that have already worked on some of the panels for me. This is my hobby but any assist will be appreciated and you will get a credit as a contributor. All I ask is that the image be in color (unless the original source was b/w and that you provide some basic info like the title of the book and issue number of where the image came from). The b/w collections are okay….but some panels, like the lamp scene from Showcase #22, work better in color.

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Contest? What contest…Oops!

I can’t believe I forgot all about the Caption The Meme Contest. Well, I mean I can believe it, because I did. I delayed administering to the contest for a few weeks because of my work schedule. It flips around daily from day shift to night shift. I’m also a slow runner (more of a shuffler, really) and those darn Marshall’s run so very, very fast. So the result being I was exhausted, and then it slipped my mind. I only remembered it now because I saw a butt-load of lurker-hits going to that page over the last few days.

Since I am a lizard-bug of my word, I am prepared to give up my mint copy of the Heritage Watch comic book Wrath of the Phantom Army to the winner.

It was too hard for me to choose the winning entry from the posts and e-mails because they were all so funny, witty and some of these people were friends. So I showed them to a few non-participating friends in the comic-geek and non-comic geek sphere and they voted for the one they liked the best.

And here is the winning entry for the dead meme contest…

Your comic book is on it’s way! Those who did not win have my thanks for participating and need to STFU because it’s an honor just to be nominated.