Some days

The Sleester just feels like Ol’ Gil from the Simpsons.

Or Charlie Brown.


And abused.

In spite of the drama…

Things are looking up.

It just takes time.

Life is an odd journey but I am comforted by the fact that
no matter what happens, I’ll always have Hayley.

What the..? This post looks suspiciously like self-indulgent blogger self-pity! That’s crap! I hate when bloggers do that! Things are going good, so I guess this proves I shouldn’t post when I’m exhausted from work and feeling flu-ish.

How to lighten this page up? I know! A photoshopped picture of a cat with humorous text! That always works!


Yes, Land of the Lost Cats! Just when you though the hilarious cat + text meme fad was over-exposed, dead and hanging on by zombie claws, along comes a guy like me to inject new life into an old and worn concept. The merging of funny kitties and the spectacular Sid & Marty Krofft series The Land of the Lost was inevitable and long over due. Go ahead and LOL, you are welcome.

More to come!

Clearing out the "Pending" folder

You’d never see Lois Lane being such a jerk. There’s aggressiveness in chasing down a lead for a news story and and then there is being just plain obnoxious and insulting. Great stand-alone panel from the Golden Age of comics, though.
Four Favorites #8 - Sensitive reporter
From Four Favorites #8 (December 1942).

Do modern comic book fans realize that without the superior coloring techniques of today’s creative teams that much of the art published in current magazines would get a high school kid a failing grade in art class? Imagine this art as black and white reprints in a trade collection.
Cable & Deadpool #41 - High school art class
From Cable & Deadpool #41 (August 2007).

Comic book puzzle from Teen Beat. I think it’s a rock star.
Teen Beat #1 - Puzzle
From Teen Beat #1 (November-December 1967).

This one is pretty much for Dr. Zaius to play with.
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
From the Whitman Big Little Book, The Calcutta Affair (1967).

How this scene would have played if I wrote the Phantom.
Ace Comics #116 - Phantom
From Ace Comics #116 (November 1946). Original here.

Just because it is the greatest Ditko panel ever.
Greatest Ditko panel ever

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Dang, Little Archie’s mom is HOT!

“…And stop wasting the whipped cream! I’m going to…er…use it tonight after you go on your trip.”

How did Archie’s 60 year old shlub of a Dad land such a young babe? He must have originally purchased her from some Walton Mountain family and keeps her locked in the basement in between sessions of drugging and hypnotism so she can’t run away.

From Little Archie #12 (1961).

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