Can you name all the Time Machines?

In the amalgamated Star Trek and DC Universe the despotic immortal caveman Vandal Savage has captured many devices used to travel through time. Can you name all the various time machines and where they appeared?

The fanboy in me is a little disappointed that I don’t see the Ivy Town University Time Pool used by the Atom in there, unless it is that glowing blob under the balcony. There are three I’m not sure of.

From IDW/DC Comics Star Trek and Legion of Super-Heroes #5 (2012).

17 thoughts on “Can you name all the Time Machines?

  1. Ok, I recognise the Tardis, Bill & Ted's Phone Box, the Sands of Time Dagger from Prince of Persia, The H.G. Wells Time Machine, the LOSH time-bubble, the Stargate, Hot Tub Time Machine, the BTTF DeLorean… and maybe the time machine from the film Time after Time (next to the H.G. Wells time machine)? No idea about the reamining ones, unfortunately…

  2. Yes correct. The Grecian pillar and that blocky white one I feel I should know but can't recall. I think that one ship is from Voyager but the color is off-model if it is. And the few on the pedestals might just be the artist throwing something in there. Given the suggestions by Bully and Luke the artist missed out on some clever asides.

  3. the grecian piller is the master's tardis. off to the far left, the series of circles, is the time tunnel. the flash's treadmill is in front of the hot tub. the purple pulsing ball is the ones terminators use. and I think the clear sphere is rip hunter's. the vehicle directly in front of the tunnel and the 3-quarter spaceship before the platform are familiar but I can't remember where they're from. there are also several small objects on pedestals that I can't make out.

  4. Thanks for the pillar explanation. Yeah the Time Tunnel from the Irwin Allen show, knew that. I catch that on TV from time to time and it is always the same one, where the aliens and the Tunnel travelers fight the army by some force field. Same with Voyage Beneath the Sea…always part one of Time Lock.The pulsing sphere is Vandal Savage's [SPOILER] [SPOILER] [SPOILER] and is really [SPOILER].Hopefully IDW/DC will give us a key.

  5. I know. Things look a bit restricted to the Trek and DC histories, with exception of a few of the more popular concepts out there like the Pal Time Machine and TARDIS.

  6. The time machine from Voyagers! is one of the most elegant devices ever on TV. It was called the Omni. :D

  7. What about the Guardian of Forever?Unless pillar represents the part not shown,it isn't here.Some of these time travel technologies don't mix together because some use various methods of time travel that conflict with each other.

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