Making a point

“And your total today is $6.66.”

“Oh. Don’t you think I should buy something else?”

“Uh…If you want.”

“You know…666.”


“I don’t like that number.”

“Okay. Do you want me to void something off? Add something else?”

“Yes. That’s..That’s the bad number.”

“I guess. If you are gullible and dim-witted.”


“The total of your order is not six six six. It is six POINT six six. Even if the number you fear wasn’t mistranslated from fictional text and actually held some sort of magical power it isn’t exactly the same. The decimal makes all the difference. So…Still want to change the total?”


“I’m sorry?”


“Okay! And would you like to make a donation to fight prostate cancer today?”

“No, thank you.”

“Would you like some carry out service?”


“Okay! Have a nice day. Thanks for shopping at HayleyMart.”

It is bizarre that customers lose their crap, scream, throw things, phone-bombard the corporate office and twitter-rage when a cashier opens up an additional register and they were not first in line but not when they are put in a position to shift a personal paradigm. Maybe it is the thinking that makes all the difference.

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