Carbon? Try reducing your stupidity footprint

Ultimately disposable paper coin banks that could be folded into the shape of the new energy-saving buses that were rolled out into service in San Diego were handed out by the hundreds, if not thousands to kids and parents a few weeks ago in a parking lot of the mall where I shop.

Environment Bus FAIL

I wonder how many of these exist anywhere but a landfill by now? Once the novelty wore off , the nickel was removed or lost out of one of the folds and the buses were damaged by play I imagine they went right into the trash. Generating thousands of pounds of waste paper to tout an environmentally friendly bus doesn’t make any sense at all. Kind of similar to the paper tags hung on bottles of soap claiming the product conserves water. Guys, you can’t trade one for the other as IT IS ALL CONNECTED.

2 thoughts on “Carbon? Try reducing your stupidity footprint

  1. What about the conservation of the tens of thousands of your tax dollars that go to design, print, and distribute this crap?If any bus or train service in the coutry actually turned a profit, they could throw away that money if they wanted. But you know that the buses are all 90% empty and this stuff just comes out of our paychecks.

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