Sleestak on the Edge of Forever

I know I’m the only one, but the thought of Kirk and the Gang traveling through time and risking Universe-altering paradox to stop Enik the Altrusian from winning Final Jeopardy is hilarious*.

Just think, if I was waiting in line at the San Diego Comic-Con this art would not have existed. The road not traveled, indeed!

* The winning answer was “Who is Hayley Mills?”

My True Life Intimate Secret Desire Confessions

On the first cover by the time we see our heroine she was already salaciously propositioned and is mulling over her choice. On the second she is wryly, perhaps with amusement, dismissing a wolf. Both covers are iconically lurid but what a difference four years makes in the approach.

From My Desire Intimate Confessions #4 (Fox, April 1950) & True Life Secrets #23 (Nov-Dec 1954).

Futura – Chapter 21

Planet Comics #63 (Winter 1949) gives us the penultimate chapter to the Futura Saga. In this issue one can see where Futura’s long, strange journey has been leading. Alliances shift rapidly as Futura once free of the Jar-Heads, turns against the very enslaved mutated people, albeit mind-controlled, she once sympathized with.

There is a lot of good imagery in this chapter that profiles Futura without the cheesecake that could be so common in her story. The last panel of page three is nearly iconic and the battle between the mutants and the Hawkmen is magnificent.

This chapter firmly establishes Futura in a setting more reminiscent of the Alex Raymond-drawn Flash Gordon strip. Yet familiarity with other popular forms of entertainment would not save the character from limbo. With only one more issue in the Planet Comics series to feature her story Futura would soon be consigned to the occasional black and white reprint of Golden Age comic books. An original story featuring a “Futura” character would not be produced until the early 1980s, a gap of thirty years between appearances.

Account Not Found

I really love flickr but really despise the hoops one has to jump through in using yahoo. I repeatedly have to change my password, hope the account can be found, slog through the problems with them saying the account is already associated with one email (no kidding the same one since I opened the account) and having the account locked because the password they made me change won’t work.

I can’t access my own photo account until at least tomorrow so instead of the next chapter of Futura, here are some links:

Disney Weirdness. The odd side of the happiest place on Earth, some NSFW images. I can relate as I goofed around with the Disney concept myself.

Support this guy. He’s trying to reign in the insanity. Yes, whenever I interact with authorities I always have my cellphone camera recording and I trust them a lot more than most.

His feet must be Thor from all that walking.

I really enjoy Mike Resnick. I thought Santiago (with that cover featuring Longshot) was brilliant, even though it broke my rule about Cowboys in Space.

I might play with this a bit. Maybe transcribe some of the insane customers I deal with.

I forgot to remember.

The De-Evolution of Nellie the Nurse.

I’ve been getting crazy traffic in from a new link from an old 2006 post. Anyone else get stuff like that?

How stupid was it to title this entry Account Not Found? How many clicks did I lose doing that?

I’ve got an idea

You know how to fix the problem with those two Utah State employees who released 1,300 names of suspected illegal immigrants to the police and media?

Retroactively to when the data was accessed immediately make every single person who is named on that list who is in the United States illegally a Naturalized Citizen. No questions asked, no waiting period.

That would be an epic backfire.