There’s being mischievous

…And then there is this little demon seed.

There’s undoubtedly an entire back story to this tale. From the psychotic man-baby contemplating the gigantic mystery pie with horrible, unnamed ingredients to the shark-toothed demon-mother-wife-jailer and the rushing river euphemistically named the “County Orphanage” this Golden Age attempt at humor begs for a modern-day treatment by a good horror or shock writer. I wonder if it is too late to submit a pitch for the next issue of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box?

From Jack in the Box #11 (October 1946).

8 thoughts on “There’s being mischievous

  1. Totally mind-boggling and bizarre!!While reading the story I was saying to myself that it was a fake or some such a thing by a present cartoonist pretending to look a vintage comic, but immediately I realized it'd be just impossible reading something like this these days, that's for sure–Thanks for sharing this. It has been quite a discovery to me!

  2. Hey!That has to be the "Mystery" toon from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". The villain was supposed to be a classic toon that was obscure but should have been popular enough that someone knew him. Now the eyes thing, notice the kid's psychotic pupils change ala Blade Runner each and every frame…Aside from that, the "Rights" should be bought up by the Ritalin manufacturers…

  3. I think that this story is actually a parody of Red Skelton. He had a character on his radio show, called "Mean Widdle Kid." If you remember Looney Tunes, they used to reference it all the time. "Daddy said if I dood it, I get a whippin'–I dood it anyway." Or, "He bwoke my widdle arm!" They were all popular catchphrases from Skelton's show.I think this story is making fun of that sketch. Divorced of the context of the times, all that's left is the psychotic meanness that was at the center of those sketches in the first place.Mean little kids were a big part of pop culture back in those days.

  4. "Orphangage"? I think that's how Popeye pronounced it, anyway.Final panel is a bit reminiscent of the old comic strip "Home Wanted By A Baby". Eh, not really, but how often do you get to pimp BarnaclePress?

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