Futura – Chapter 14

Planet Comics #56 from September 1948 picks up with space heroine Futura as a prisoner, falsely accused of being the pirate Yrina. Futura is taking steps to clear her name when another pirate attacks and takes her prisoner. This episode has Futura held under guard and in more cheesecake poses than is usual. Perhaps the creators chafed under the typical guidelines for this type of tale because it doesn’t take long for them to have Futura break the cliche of the helpless prisoner.

Sooner or later you would think the bad guys would learn not to bring Futura into their sanctum and allow guns, heavy objects and pointy things within her reach.


Be First Back To Your Cave

This is an Operation: Awesome Christmas update!

I am a difficult person to buy presents for. If it isn’t the newest Gerber multi-plier my wife has no idea what to get me for special occasions. So some of the time we agree upon a budget and I buy myself something nice. This year for Christmas we did just that and I really scored.

After more than a few unsuccessful years trying to find a vintage Land of the Lost board game for my own I finally managed to snag a good specimen. I had searched for the LotL game from the first series in an on-again, off-again fashion for a few years now. Professional collector resources were ridiculously expensive and the grifting nature of the sellers of most auction sites made my attempts to buy one exercises in frustration. Bids at a more than fair price were routinely lost at the last possible second as Seller ABC, under the guise of sock-puppet Buyer ACB, purchased the item from themselves to prevent it from being sold at less than what they wanted monetarily.

Discouraging, but I knew that interest in the 2009 Land of the Lost movie would see a greater proportion of LotL-related merchandise for sale than were previously available. While the studio predictably did not market a line of toys there were a few promotional and licensed memorabilia items available. One internet pal has sent me on several occasions promotional gear from the film such as a shirt, compass and hat. That was cool and was very welcome.

It was over the course of the last several weeks I managed to successfully purchase two examples of vintage Land of the Lost merchandise. My experiences with the sellers were positive and not merely because I won the sales but because they acted like professionals running a business, something that is sorely missing from much online retail.

Here are the two recent acquisitions to my collection of Land of the Lost memorabilia. Click the photos to make them Dino-sized.

Safari Shooter
The first game I purchased was the Land of the Lost Safari Shooter pinball game from 1975. It is in excellent condition and if I ever go insane I’ll take it out of the wrapper. The backboard image for the pinball machine is pretty sweet and I’d love to take it apart just to scan it. If I ever find one for real cheap that is a mess I will. More than likely it will go in a shadowbox and get hung on the wall.

Land of the Lost game
The second item is the big prize and is the favorite of the two. It is the 1975 Land of the Lost board game by Milton Bradley. It is relatively rare to find one of these games in acceptable condition and this one is in really good shape. Here are photos of the box cover, inside cover, rules with adjacent spinner and the game board.

This is the best Christmas ever.

Note: I’m not usually one for watermarking my images but I put a bit of time and effort into acquiring this awesome vintage game. I did take pains to avoid placing the LTMS logo over the image itself because I like to share. If someone is going to gank these pics and use them without attribution or go so far as to slap a ‘Mecha-Droid Ten‘ logo on it and act like they own it then they are going to have to spend a few minutes working for it.

The Truth Is Out There

Back in the 1980s when I worked at a military installation in or around Utah, New Mexico or Nevada, a manifesto of sorts was passed around, written by one of the scientists that worked in one of the buildings. He was always acting kind of worried and chain-smoked, which is why he was always hanging out on the Non-Restricted side of the building. All of us on patrol would regularly meet up where everyone took breaks and eventually we’d all be talking to him, even though his E Line Badge meant we were not supposed to. He would talk about the weird things he did in the hangar and sometimes “accidentally” leave documents behind. He would let slip that he could only live with himself if he somehow told the world what was going on by re-writing the classified stuff in a manifesto he would release to the public. When the Brass got a hold of a copy they had the guy kicked off the base, his contract was voided and his Secret clearance was removed. Whatever he wrote really got everyone up in arms because we were in ORI status for about a month and our MOBB was re-evaluated.

I myself had a few samples of the manifesto and while most were lost to the conditions of poor storage a page or two survived. It has been over twenty years so I guess there is no harm in posting this page now.

Little Evil Women

“Good! Bless you! Now, as there’s nothing like `taking time by the fetlock’, as Winkle characteristically observes, allow me to present the new member.” And, to the dismay of the rest of the club, Jo threw open the door of the closet, and displayed Laurie sitting on a rag bag, dead by her hand. Blood was everywhere and stained the deceased man’s fine attire.

“You rogue! You traitor! Jo, how could you?” cried the three girls, as Snodgrass the Pimp pulled the body from the closet, and producing both a bag of lye and a large oilcloth tarpaulin, installed him in a jiffy.

“I’m not a bad person. I’m a real good person.” Said Jo. “People always look down their noses at hookers. Never give you a chance, because they think you took the easy way out, when no one could imagine the willpower it took to do what we do. Walking the streets, night after night, taking the hits and still getting back up. I wish there was a way that people can forgive you for something about this, you know. But they can’t. They can’t, man. So I gonna die,… Hey Meg, Beth and Amy, I’ll never forget you. Good bye, babies. Bye babies.”

“Good bye, Jo!” Chorused the three sisters.

Little Evil Women by Louisa May Alcott (1869).