Beware of Dog

My dog is cool and he is not like those other stupid pets a family members owns. His name is “LT” and my mom says it is after some San Diego football player but I disagree because they suck and are choking wussies and it really means “Lotta Trouble” or “Little Tyke” depending on what he is getting into.

“LT” is a smart Chihuahua who protects our house by hiding in the flowers and alerting us to evil-doers.

But “LT” does not work for free.

“LT” hears a cry for help from the open sewer line and investigates. Is Little Timmy trapped again?

“LT” slams the lid on the open pipe, muffling Timmy’s cries for help. “LT” is of the opinion anyone who falls down a small pipe is too stupid to have a TV Movie of the Week made about them.

Good dog.

6 thoughts on “Beware of Dog

  1. Your absolutely brilliant! I’ve spent the last few hours reading your blog…I can’t get enough! Another sleepless night, but well worth the read. ~A

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