10 thoughts on “Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: Fly-Man

  1. Oh, right, I get it — if his face weren’t scarred, there wouldn’t be much point in wearing a mask.Not as though anyone would have trouble picking him out of a lineup.

  2. Is it wrong that I really dig the layout of the fourth panel, where Fly-Man is hucking a knife at the reader? That’s a nifty bit of comicry. The flow is off, but the shapes are nifty, as is the foreshortened Bigg Nife coming straight at ya. Keen.

  3. That was HARSH. It’s one thing to throw a guy to his doom, but to decide halfway down that you’re not done killing him yet, well that’s just cold-blooded. And then to pierce him with a knife the relative size of a sawmill blade? Cripes, what’d the guy do, weave a daisy-chain of entrails around the perimeter of London?

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