The Movement…Or My Heart!

Whoa! The way Brandy acts you’d think that insignia on her hat stood for a completely different word! Perhaps she is required to wear a “scarlet letter” as punishment for being a feminist.

“The Movement…Or My Heart!” was originally published in Our Love Story #18 (August 1972) and reprinted two years later in My Love #31 (November 1974). This is another romance comic book issue where the original cover had superior production value to the reprint, where the staff seems to have saved a few dollars on the coloring job.

Brandy is a hostile, progressive feminist who wears pant-suits and disdains mini-skirts and other sexy clothing. Her work for the cause of equality for women consumes her to the detriment of all else in her life. That is, until she meets a sexy Congressman and falls in love! In no time at all Brandy begins to doubt her devotion to the cause of Women’s Rights and her commitment to anything but keeping a house clean for her man.

Must Brandy choose between living as a domesticated hearth-slave or liberated woman? Can she have the best of both worlds? Read and find out!

Whew! Good thing for all men everywhere that Brandy was co-opted by sexual politics and sold out for a 3-bedroom townhouse! Just goes to show that all them uppity chicks need is a bit o’ lovin’ to calm them down and get them back to cookin’ sammiches!


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