9 thoughts on “It’s not me, it’s you

  1. I’m reminded of Millar’s “Trade buyers have the cold eyes of the dead” line. Strangely, I didn’t buy the Wanted trade, and excused myself from the Civil War nonsense when I found out he was writing it. Contempt, saving YOU money.

  2. If he’d gotten rich over the years by telling stories about cheerful, forgiving, and wise characters, perhaps those are the traits that would have flourished in him personally. But he didn’t and probably never could have. His loss and ours, but try not to resent it too much when he phones in another Harlan Ellison-esque blog entry to reinforce his self-image. I suspect his contempt for his audience is as shallow as his paycheck. If writers start getting work for being nice guys, he’ll fall right in line.

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