Obviously, from a pre-internet era comic book

Yep, it’s from January of 1967, Girl’s Love Stories #140.



It is said that the Gods decree that for every joy a man receives, he shall also receive an equal amount of suffering

What is worse, seeing Elast-Girl’s bulging labia majora in the upskirt view or the bulging testicles of Green Lantern?
From Justice #11 (June 2007).

DC Comics, bringing you equality in titillating hypersexualization of the genders since 2007.


Cowboy Sahib vs. Konchak the Cossack!

As far as I can tell, this is the second story featuring Joe King, the Cowboy Sahib! There are a few online sources here and there that reports there are more published stories starring the Sultan of the Six-Shooter, but I can’t find any confirmation of it other than a few sparse entries about an appearance in an unnamed book with the mention of “contains a Cowboy Sahib story”. In most of the entries the title of the comic book and issue number is not mentioned, making confirmation difficult.

Interestingly, I have not found much mention in Leonard Starr’s credits claiming he worked on the character. Perhaps the notion of Sheer High-Concept Awesomeness is not one of the criteria Starr’s biographers use when compiling a record of the body of his work. If there are any more Cowboy Sahib stories out there I sure can’t find them.

The presumed second tale of Cowboy Sahib continues his battle against the vengeful Sultan Malevo after a fashion. Since issue #27 was published in the early 1950s no comic book story is considered marketable without some reference to the Red Menace of communist Russia. So for this issue an appropriate villain in the form of the Rasputin-like Konchak the Cossack is introduced to the story dynamic. The card-cheating Sultan Malevo and the rabid Konchak team up against Cowboy Sahib and all out war ensues, not to mention that the psycho girlfriend is back and still can’t make up her mind whether to smooch or stab the westerner.

The stereotypical Konchak is heck-bent on building a peaceful worker’s paradise in India through violent, bloody anti-Freedom revolution and only Cowboy Sahib stands in the way of his mad dreams of taking over the entire country. Alliances shift, friends become enemies, confused lovers toss hand-grenades into the boudoir and all while Cowboy Sahib tames himself a wild elephant, the better to lead his jungle animal friends and native army to war against the despicable Konchak.

Yippie-ki-yay! Break that ornery pachyderm to download a pdf of the second Cowboy Sahib adventure!

Hooded Horseman #27 - Jumbo


Classic Spider-Man: It’s nice here in the 70s

I need to calm down a bit, step back from current events and revisit a real problem from the past that still needs to be addressed to this very day. This problem was something that irritated fans of comic books for decades and in the pre-internet days of comic fandom, managed to drive comic book company interns who answer letters and comic book store owners insane as legions of unrelenting nerds desperately and repeatedly begged for an answer that was never satisfactorily resolved.

The question was this:

How come Spider-Man’s spider-sense always warned him with sufficient time to avoid a fatal danger…

…But was never early enough to avoid one that would merely knock him unconscious?

The Ferrett expands on it.


Once again, a vision of the future related after the fact

That didn’t take long.

Posted: April 16, 2007 7:51 PM

I wish I could of stopped it. I saw the vision but why did I ignore it…..I feel bad..

What is it about some people that they have to feel as if they were an actual participant in distant tragedies, lives of vacuous celebrities and fictional comic book crossovers? That kind of mentality and behavior seems to me as being just one headache away from claiming being probed by Bigfoot on a flying saucer or stalking Steven Spielberg with a roll of duct tape.

Presumably sincere statements like the one found on the linked MySpace blog just make me want to break my “No Swears” rule and vent, filling a post with ranting, uncontrolled expletives about how ridiculously frustrating and stupid people are. Why do people have such empty lives and lack of ego that they need to be part of events that occur in the national arena? If these delusional losers want to be involved in something bigger than them then they should work a soup-kitchen, pick up trash or enlist in the military. You want to be a part of a tragedy? Go to a war zone, then.

I am nearly at the point where I don’t think it would be too extreme to just scream “What is your malfunction?” in the posters’ face over and over and over and over until I get a good answer. If I did that, though, I’d be considered unbalanced, right? Every day I come to appreciate the angry comedy styling of Lewis Black just a little bit more.

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