6 thoughts on “Hayley Mills begs to know!

  1. This reminds me of the Batman from Batman #350, when he got turned into a vampire and found a random burglar to feed on. I think he said something like, “I warned him not to return to crime!”Also reminds me of the Batman Begins Batman, the Batman that somehow doesn’t see something questionable in the statement “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you.”

  2. Retro, that’s pure Silver Age right there. The heroes often let villains fal into their own traps. “Oh! How ironic! Master Death fell prey to the same murder-machine he meant for me!”

  3. Yeah, but even then it was usually because the villain somehow made the hero unable to save them. Wasn’t it?Coincidentally, that happened on pretty much every episode of the Shadow radio show. If I had a nickel for every time the week’s villain accidentally fell off a high ledge while running from the cops…

  4. Yes, pretty much. Superman couldn’t save the Galactic Vampire Gorilla Fiend because of all the coincidental kryptonite used in the construction of the death trap, but hey, he’s Superman. He could have found a way to help if he really wanted.

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