Talk of the Teen: Don’t bogart that uterus, babe

From Scribbly #5 (Apr-May 1949), the book with infamous menage-a-trois animal-rape cover.

I would never eat anything billed as a Moo With Goo as it sounds like rotten meat. Chow Hound is still in use today and Suffering From Shorts has evolved a bit but can still be heard as Short On Cash, et al. Today’s street racers could be called Boulevard Cowboys as they are certainly reckless, but I prefer the term Stupid [Expletive Deleted] Selfish [Expletive Deleted] Dumbtards.

Calling a woman’s purse a Salvage Depot is humorous, condescending and it makes sense it would enter the language during the post-War era that knew of scrap drives and rationing. The contents of my wife’s many purses were unmanageable until she picked up one of those handbag organizers with the built-in flashlight.

The best panel in the feature is the one with the Mothball insult. It features the female stereotypes that those who watch Scooby-Doo know well. It has The Daphne (fun, pretty and social) hurling a casual, soul-crushing insult to The Velma (who wears glasses, is smart, studious and has no time for a boyfriend because she may be a lesbian). Calling a woman a Mothball is infering that her reproductive organs are in “storage” against use by males and by the cultural expectations of 1949, she is worthless as a female, wife and mother because she is not using her uterus as God and the patriarchy has commanded.

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3 thoughts on “Talk of the Teen: Don’t bogart that uterus, babe

  1. I suspect that anyone who would refer to anything except a sexual act as “moo with goo” would also toss “lawl”, “poned” and “leet hack-sore” into conversation. In other words they’re trying way too hard.Nice frock on Daria’s grandmother, there.

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