PS Magazine March 2006: Joe Kubert goes invisible

Some good images from Joe Kubert in this month’s PS Magazine!

Pluses in this issue:

* Cyborg war machines looking for love in all the wrong places.
* Bear!
* How to clean sand out of your crevices.
* Haz Mat PSA’s.
* Good battery care.
* Invisible. Freaking. Soldiers.
* No puppies killed.

There is a problem supplying armor?

Oh noes! No death from above today!

Sir! I wish i could quit you! Sir!

I yam what I yam!

Mmm…polyethyl benzenes!

A soldier in this story learns to his eternal regret that shirking maintenance on your invisibility suit to play the Fantastic Four video game could have fatal consequences. As if any military would allow grunts to do preventive maintenance on a multi-million dollar invisibility suit.

Good to see that the demon bear from New Mutants finally got another gig.


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