Health PSA: Hearing Voices – A Self Help Guide

Here’s a PSA from the UK published in 2002, advising people what to do to seek care if they begin hearing voices. Nice try, but some of the advice seems odd. Like taking enjoyment in the voices.

Then again, I am not a medical professional or know what I am writing about, like the guy at Polite Dissent. It seems interesting that the ‘positives’ for hearing voices and having disturbing beliefs outweigh the ‘negative’ aspects. This pamphlet reads like an argument for believing in a religion.

So…if God speaks to you aren’t disturbed. But if pigeons strike up a conversation, you need help?

I am curious about two things:

  1. How does one get help if the voices say you are fine, fine, fine?
  2. Do screams count as voices?

I’m not poking fun at the ill, just the brochure. Oh, and the gullible. Oh, and anyone who read The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind because it was referenced in that issue of Micronauts that Marvel did back in the day.

I put the entire pamphlet up on flickr for those that are curious.

4 thoughts on “Health PSA: Hearing Voices – A Self Help Guide

  1. but if we picked up “Origin…” because Beast was reading it (holding it with his toes!) in one of the Byrne X-Men issues, is that okay, or are we still fodder for snickers and pointing? – housepig

  2. Micronauts referenced Jaynes? That’s wild. Don’t they live in the Microverse or something? Do they also have Jung down there?I am somewhat disturbed by the artwork on the cover of the pamphlet. If I were publishing for the schizophrenic I wouldn’t ask them to look at melty faces before getting some advice.

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