It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

About. Damn. Time.

Kate Bush will break more than a decade of silence by releasing a new single, followed by her first album for 12 years. Bush will make up for lost time by unveiling a double album, Aerial, on November 7.

Hey, looks like Kate’s costume was designed by a comic book artist!


7 thoughts on “It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

  1. Am I imagining it, or did she do a video where she was dressed as Red Sonya? “Baboushka”, maybe, or “Army Dreaming”.If it turns out that I am imagining it, can I just apologise for what my teenage mind used to dream about?

  2. Close. The video for Baboushka had her dressed in a costume based on Chris Achillios’ cover art for the Raven series of books. Raven was a Red Sonja clone written by Robert Holdstock under a pseudonym and includes lots of sillyness on the level of “she’s called Raven so just to be contrary we’ll make her a blonde”.

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