Ditko does Don Adams

Here’s some Steve Ditko character study art of Agent 86 of Control.

I’m posting it in memory of Don Adams, who died yesterday at the age of 82. Adams will forever be remembered by me as secret agent Maxwell Smart of the spy-spoof television show of the 60’s, Get Smart. My parents hated the show, but I loved it, and let’s all forget the movie, ok?

Well forget most of the film…there was a nifty scene in it where the agents are being pursued in their car so the drive into a prepared safe-trailer. Inside the trailer a spray removes the top-most coat of paint in a few seconds to reveal another, different paint job, When the agents’ car emerges, the bad guys are looking for a different colored vehicle, allowing easy escape.

I remember commenting back then if the CIA didn’t have something like that paint system already in operation, they would soon (from junk-science pork contracts if nothing else, like the Predator invisibility suit).

I also watched the syndicated Don Adams’ Screen Test as a way to burn some time on a Sunday afternoon.

Oh, you know what always bugged me? That idiot who did the shoe-phone ‘joke’ on that Sports Illustrated subscription commercial years ago and screwed up the gag-line.

He also voiced Inspector gadget (ugh) and one of my childhood favorites, Tennessee Tuxedo, the grifter penguin.


4 thoughts on “Ditko does Don Adams

  1. Did a Google image search on permutataions of ‘Ditko’ a while back and discovered that. Originally posted on the Heritage auction site, I think.It’s faint, but did you notice the robot cat sketches at the bottom?

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