Comic’s first interracial kiss?

As far as I can tell this is the first interracial kiss in mainstream comics, not counting interstellar aliens or magazines. There were probably other examples but I haven’t seen any, and they may be one-sided or the kind where people are forced to do it against their will a la Star Trek’s Capt. Kirk and Lt. Uhura.

I’d have to say that this embrace between Daniel (Iron Fist) Rand and Misty (Bionic Woman) Knight counts as the first.

Misty & Danny have been snuggling off-panel in his book for a few years, but the relationship was down-played until Chris Claremont and John Byrne wrapped up a story from IF’s canceled magazine in a 2-issue tale in Marvel Team-Up #63 & #64 (v1, 1977). Any regular reader of the Iron Fist title knew what was going on between them but it wasn’t until MTU #65 that we got the payoff. The relationship was also little creepy in a Hal & Arisa/Kitty & Collossus way since going by his story history Danny was about 17 when he and a much older Misty hooked up.

But there is more!

What? What did he say?

That’s what I thought he said. I miss 1970’s comic book activism.

I’ve looked but I can’t find the letter’s page that had a negative response about their relationship in it. Iron Fist was all over the place in Marvel around that time and I may have missed where the letter ended up being printed.

Well, in the place of that disappointing missive here’s that kiss again!

Can’t stop progress, dude.

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